Cantu, Yvette (PPCD)
 Yvette Cantu
Conference Time: 8:45AM-9:30AM
(956) 254-5121

Pre-school Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD)

Welcome to Palmer-Laakso Elementary! My name is Ms. Yvette Cantu, and I am honored to be your child’s teacher along with Mr. M. Cantu and Mrs. M. Mendoza, who will be our classroom assistants.  We are looking forward to a wonderful school year. We hope to impart with your child the necessary skills needed in the PPCD Unit.  We will do our best to help your child find their voice and reach their greatest potential.

 Mission Statement

In This Classroom…
We respect each other.
We apologize. We forgive.
We keep our promises.
We do second chances.
We encourage one another.
We laugh often
We never give up.
We Belong…
We are a Family!

Class Schedule

(7:30-7:55) Breakfast
(7:55-8:05) Social Studies/Announcements
(8:20-8:45) Fine Motor Skills
(8:45-9:30) P.E./Music
(9:30-9:45) Social Skills
(9:45-10:30) Circle Time (ELAR)
(10:30-10:45) Recess
(10:45-11:15) Centers (ELAR)
(11:15-11:45) LUNCH
(11:45-12:00) Reading
(12:00-1:00) Quiet Time/One-to-One
(1:00-1:15) Reading
(1:15-1:30) Restroom/Social Skills
(1:30-2:00) Circle Time (Math)
(2:00-2:30) Centers (Math)
(2:30-2:45) Social Studies/Snack
(2:45-2:55) Dismissal