Munivez, Janet (4th)
       Myfrida Regular
        Myfrida Regular
      Conference: 1:15-2:00
   Phone # : 254-5121
Mission Statement
"My mission as fourth grade teacher is to greatly improve the lives of those around me, to be an example of high integrity and class, to be a great communicator, to uplift and inspire. To make the teaching experience fun for the students as well as for myself.

To inspire the student to reach new heights, to want to go "outside the box", to challenge the student to go beyond his/her own perceived limitations and to provide a hunger to want to learn more.

To always hold the student in the best light, to be always going beyond my own pre-conceived notions of the student's talents and abilities, to expect more of the student than he/she expects of himself, to be a great coach, a great listener, a great inspirer.

And to always expect more of myself as a teacher with constant and ongoing training and development."
About Me:
I have taught 3rd grade for four years and this is my tenth year teaching fourth grade. I live and was raised in Brownsville, Texas.  I attended James Pace High School, and I am a graduate of The University of Texas.  I have my masters degree as a school counselor.  I am married to a wonderful husband and have two children, Mckayla (5) and Maddex (3).